Starting an eCommerce Business? How to start – Part 1 of 3

Many physical stores are closed but shopping online has never been busier. If you are starting a business from scratch or trying to expand, an online presence is what you need to take control of your future.

By next year, there will be over 2 billion global buyers, that is almost 25% of the worlds population shopping online. In four years online sales in the US could reach $600 billion. We could throw a bunch more stats at you but lets just say it is growing and there is room for you! At this time, Jeff Bezos is just making even more money. So what are you waiting for?

If you are just starting out , then here are some tips to help you get started:

The first step is the obvious, find products to sell. If you have a new idea that’s great, but finding goods that already exist and sell well will help you start faster. It will be even better if you can find a good drop ship supplier or two so you do not need to keep inventory. After you get rolling you can introduce your own items but starting with something that’s proven will help you get started sooner. These items can be:

  • Physical Goods – Clothes, electronics, items you can print your own things on are a good start. Print On Demand is a great service if you are creating designs to go on clothes and more!
  • Digital Goods – Software, apps
  • Services, Courses, Webinars, etc.

If you really want to start on your own, there are many products that can be customized and used for you to sell. Using Print on Demand you just place your logo or a tag line on it and away you go!

If you have an existing business, then you already have the branding, products, and logistics in place to move you forward. All you need is an eCommerce website to be used as a sales tool to help you generate revenue. We can help you by creating the design that compliments your business and help you choose an eCommerce system that will be best for you. Or maybe your online presence needs to be upgraded with the latest software, a better design and increased functionality. Technology is changing all of the time and we can help you keep up with the latest trends and be ahead of the curve.

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